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Make Be-leaves creates a stunning, unforgettable wedding for each and every client on the most important day of their life requires both creativity and dependability. Wedding and event planners need partners like Make Be-Leaves, who can deliver exceptional custom artificial trees that deliver individualized designs, personality, timelines and budget. All of our trees are designed and built-to-order on real wood trunks, to transform every wedding venue into a spectacular, enchanting space.

Imagine your wedding wonderland wish come true…

Choose Make Be-Leaves’ signature artificial flower, plant and tree designs for your special events. Our custom creations are hand-crafted to meet your specifications. Contact us today for a complementary design consultation.

Cherry Blossom Trees, artificial
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    Artificial Flower & Tree Creations

    Custom Cherry Blossom Trees

    There is something magical about the intense beauty of these trees. It’s amazing how these delicate, elegant trees make such an impact on us – evoking feelings of awe, serenity, and filling us with an overpowering appreciation for beauty. Therefore, it’s no surprise that our overwhelmingly most popular tree for weddings is the Cherry Blossom. With their breathtaking bursts of color and the short window of the Cherry Blossom makes being surrounded by the trees in full bloom thrilling for people all around the world. We offer a choice of two-tone light pink or crème and white, will transform your wedding venue into an unforgettable, enchanting event.


    Custom, Stylized Orchid Trees

    Our exquisitely designed custom Orchid tabletop tree is our unique creation, combining our high-quality orchids on dramatic natural Manzanita woods, with a stylized, spiraling cluster of flowers at the base. Orchids have long represented the ultimate in elegance and style – just look at any upscale interior design magazine or walk-through a 5-star hotel property, and you are sure to see orchids — we’ve even created them for a television show. We offer a variety of hues, in addition to the ever-popular white – select what will make the perfect for a dramatic impact for your events and we’ll create it.


    Upscale Fiberglass Planters: From Trendy To Traditional & Environmentally Conscious

    The crucial finishing touch to every custom tree are planters. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or trendy, our lightweight decorative planters are available in several finish choices to match your personal design style to a T. We offer white, silver and gold dust. They are versatile and easy to handle planters, helping make the trees that are potted in them an essential staple for all your special events. Options include:


    • Fishbowl Fiberglass Planters: This graceful, curved shape is a timeless style – coordinating beautifully in most decors

    • Tapered Cylinder Fiberglass Planters: Sleek, contemporary lines will add elegance to both your table and floor trees

    • European Tapered Square Fiberglass Planters: Incorporate this trendy, sophisticated planter to make a statement

    • Recycled LEED Planters: We offer a number of styles in these green materials that embrace the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”; the ultimate Environmental statement


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    Fishbowl Fiberglass planter options:
    Tapered Cylinder Fiberglass planter options:
    European square tapered planter options:
    Recycled LEED planter options:



    1st-completed-Oak-TreeCustom Artificial Oak Trees for a Grand Scale Wedding Event

    Make Be-Leaves constructed the Oak trees in a large utility bucket with the main center trunks secured with a lower layer of cement, and the outer trunks which create the wide canopy were then potted into a top layer of foam – in a manner where these trunks could be removed for shipping, and then easily reassembled on the job site. » See more