Rosie the Riveter

Just like Rosie the Riveter, UV has come a long way!

When we think about technology, often the latest gadget or Apple product springs to mind. Here at Make Be-Leaves we don’t think about the iWatch, we think about the advances that have made our products more life-like than ever.
It’s an exciting development as California and other parts of the US are experiencing historic drought conditions, making UV exterior and interior plantscapes a welcome option for conservation.
The evolution of UV exterior artificial products isn’t limited to new, innovative technology, but includes artistic designs that provide warmth and ambience – without “hitting you over the head.” As with any of our plantscaping projects, the goal is to create pieces that looks so natural – people won’t be able to tell it’s not real, live plant.
Here are two examples of exterior wall plantscaping, where live foliage tends not to hold up well year round, creating stark, unattractive areas that can be “masked” by our products.
Make Be-Leaves UV exterior flowering foliage “fills in” these gaps, to create beautiful, colorful trellis wall plantings that can be enjoyed year round. The UV flowering plantings blend beautifully with the existing live plants, so during the peak season of the year the live flowering plantings naturally blend with our artificial foliage.