We love working with all designers, but those working on hotel and hospitality projects face special challenges that we enjoy collaborating to solve.

We recently did just that with Design Continuum of Atlanta, Georgia, transforming and old, uninspiring concrete fountain into a lush green space.

The first two photos show in our slideshow below show the existing indoor fountain at the Doubletree Savannah Historic District Hotel and the desired a boxwood garden feel “inspiration photo” provided by the designer. You then see our bespoke design — a boxwood garden that will fill the fountain base once the tall center piece is removed.

Do you see me standing behind the completed garden at our warehouse? I wanted you to be able to see just how grand it is. It’s a full 10 feet! We constructed it to last with a strong wood framed base that the custom plywood circular structure is secured to.

We recently shipped it and can’t wait to show you installation photos. We can create gardens for any number of settings, including outdoors, where UV plantings work well and look divine.