It continues to amaze me how our large, custom trees completely transform a space – imbuing warmth, ambience and beauty with a single tree. Our large specimen trees are not only majestic, but incredibly lifelike – constructed by our experienced tree artisans, using specially cut hardwood trunks, using only the highest quality foliage.

The Crowne Plaza Knoxville Downtown University in Knoxville, Tennessee is a prime example of how one tree, in this case, a custom Black Olive tree, can change a space for the better.

Our trees can transform much larger spaces as well — some the size of a football field! We accomplished that and more with the open atrium at the Marriott Hotel in Houston, Texas. Our grove of custom 18 foot Camellia Leaf trees created a park-like setting that can be enjoyed not only on the ground floor, but from all areas connected by the atrium. Imagine our custom Cherry Blossom trees, creating an enchanting setting for weddings