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Artificial Flowers, Plants & Trees by Make Be-Leaves

Where nature meets design, lifelike designer artificial flowers, plants, and trees are meticulously crafted to cater to a diverse clientele, including interior designers, landscape architects, and commercial spaces. Ten standout projects demonstrate our commitment to lifelike, lush, lasting beauty and quality across various living spaces and settings.

1. Westin LAX Hotel – Designer Green Wall

Collaborating with HBA interior design firm, the company created a captivating artificial green wall for the Westin LAX Hotel lobby, transforming it into a lush, welcoming space. Learn more.

2. Bel-Air Estate – Custom UV Green Walls

For a private residence in Bel-Air, customized UV-stabilized artificial green walls adorned with colorful faux Bougainvillea were designed to enhance the estate’s luxury aesthetic. Learn more.

3. Comic-Con – Custom Pine Trees

Realistic pine trees were produced for “The Walking Dead” exhibit at Comic-Con, demonstrating versatility and highlighting their thematic adaptability. Learn more.

4. Brown Brothers Harriman – Custom Birch Trees

In Manhattan’s financial hub, custom 15 ft. birch trees were installed, bringing natural elegance to the corporate environment. Learn more.

5. Viejas Native American Casino

Sophisticated artificial plantings of white silk magnolias and faux bay leaf foliage were designed for the casino’s steakhouse, enriching the dining atmosphere. Learn more.

6. Government Projects – Nationwide Installations

The company’s artificial plants can be found in numerous government buildings across the U.S., where they add greenery while minimizing maintenance. Learn more.

7. GM Renaissance Center – Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Custom silk boxwood hedges crafted to grace the GM’s Renaissance Center food court in Detroit, blending style with practicality. Learn more.

8. Silk Pink Cherry Blossom Trees

These stunning trees are a testament to the company’s ability to produce eye-catching focal points for events and residential settings. Learn more.

9. Residential Projects – Custom Artificial Trees

From lush foyers to serene living spaces, their custom trees are designed to enhance residential projects with their lifelike presence. Learn more.

10. Midici’s Neapolitan Pizza Restaurants

An artificial Mediterranean Olive Tree stands as the centerpiece in each restaurant, crafted to offer diners an immersive Italian experience. Learn more.

About Make Be-Leaves

Make Be-Leaves specializes in creating bespoke artificial flowers, plants, and trees, serving a prestigious clientele, including hotels, restaurants, and stores. With a foundation built on solid relationships with skilled interior designers, landscape architects, and architects, Make Be-Leaves delivers expertly crafted, lifelike artificial plant solutions. Our dedicated creative team ensures each project, from elegant commercial spaces to vibrant residential settings, achieves a natural aesthetic and meets the unique visions of our clients.


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