The Ameche Family

Susie Ameche, Make Be-Leaves Founder and CEO

Susie Ameche, CEO Make Be-Leaves

“This page is dedicated to some of the historic figures in the Ameche family…

Two in particular: my uncle, Don Ameche, whose movies you can see today, including Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Heaven Can Wait, That Night in Rio, In Old Chicago, Moon Over Miami, Trading Places and Cocoon.

Also very notable is my father. Recently the estate has released paintings and lithography of Bert Ameche to the public for sale. These works of art were made popular in the ’80s and ’90s, sold to many prestigious clientele including the famous pianist, Van Cliburn. Bert’s paintings could be seen in personal art galleries including Del Mar Art Center Gallery, Del Mar, and Montecito Gallery & Frame, Montecito, and were sold worldwide.

In memory of my dearest father, I have taken control of these beautiful works and am offering Giclee copies of his work. They are in very limited supply, however, I feel his work should not go forgotten.” – Susie Ameche

Order Beautiful Ameche Art Giclee Prints & Artificial Plants

These works of art were originally sold in galleries around the world in the 80-90’s and now they are reimagined here as Ameche Prints & Plants here exclusively on the Make Be-Leaves website.

Portovenere prints & plants package
colmar prints & plants package
Venice prints & plants package
• Porto Venere Italy

Giclee print and two colorful custom mixed succulent arrangements…

Package Includes:

The Portovenere, this Giclee print is a wonderful example of Bert Ameche’s combination of masterfully painted shoreline buildings with their vibrant water reflections, and colorful gondolas in the foreground. Print includes double matting and a simple elegant frame.

Two colorful custom mixed Artificial Succulent arrangements are a perfect compliment to this framed piece – included.

Buy the $3,500. Portovenere Package
To order please Call 800 634-1402

• Colmar France

The Colmar Giclee print and two colorful artificial plantings…

Package Includes:
The Canal Scene, Colmar giclee print brings to life an enchanting, quiet scene along the canal of this beautiful city. Print includes double matting and a simple elegant frame.

Plants: The beautiful, colorful potted plants displayed along the canal in this scene inspired the creation of our UV exterior bougainvillea plantings in fiberglass rectangle planters. Two colorful plantings in rectangle fiberglass planters included.

Buy the $7,500. Canal Scene, Colmar Package
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• Venice Canal Series
These were Bert Ameche’s favorite themes, includes three prints and…
Package Includes:

Venice Canal Scenes Series were Bert Ameche’s favorite themes and continue to be his most popular paintings.

This series includes:
Venice Canal Scene, Orange – the warm, rich orange hues throughout this painting create such a calm, inviting feeling. And the perfect, structural buildings exemplify Bert’s outstanding skills and understanding of architecture.

Venice Canal Scene, Red – Bert’s favorite and most in-demand painting he ever produced. The combination of beautiful buildings, vibrant colors, and water so realistic – you feel you can reach out and touch it – is stunning.

Venice Canal Scene, Minibar – this scene wonderfully captures the essence of a “moment in time” along the canal, with gondoliers maneuvering through the narrow canals.

Custom Plantscaping selected to complement these paintings include:

(1) 9 ft. Custom Mediterranean Olive Tree, constructed on natural wood trunks, and artisan-designed to create the most life-like tree. Comes in fiberglass planter

(2) UV Colorful Custom Exterior Red Azalea Trellis Plantings in rectangle planters – the perfect solution to brighten up your landscaping with no maintenance.

(2) Pair of stately Rosemary Spiral Topiaries are perfect to flank a fireplace, an entryway – or tuck back in a bare corner.

Buy the $14,500. Venice Canal Scenes Series Package
To order please Call 800 634-1402

Bert Ameche Fine Art:

Rita - Bert Ameche

Bert Ameche

Bert studied architecture at Catholic University in Washington D.C. – where he met his future wife, Rita Vernon – and at Fontainbleau School of Fine Arts in Fontainbleau, France. During and after his studies in Europe, Bert developed a passion for painting – and began doing watercolors of many of the classical European sites. His love of painting started by doing colored perspectives (renderings) of school design projects.

Bert worked for 45 years as an architect with prestigious firms, with his own firm and with the United States Government. Bert served as the President of the Southern California Chapter of the Society of American Registered Architects.

After retiring from architecture and raising six children, Bert pursued his first love of painting with watercolors. He and Rita traveled frequently to Europe – mostly to Italy – seeking out new sites and new subjects for his paintings. His background in architecture, with the old-school method of hand drawing, has influenced his strongly realistic style and exceptional attention to detail. At one time, Bert’s paintings were exhibited in fine galleries in Carmel, Montecito, and La Jolla, California, and many of his paintings are in the homes of other talented artists and serious collectors.

Don Ameche

Don Ameche

Actor Don Ameche

Actor Don Ameche holds the Oscar he received for best supporting actor for his role in “Cocoon,” at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, March 24, 1986. With him is presenter Cher. (AP Photo/Lennox McLendon)

Don was an American actor and comedian, and radio personality. After playing in college shows, stock, and vaudeville, Don became a major radio star in the early 1930’s – most known for the popular radio show The Bickersons. He made his first film debut in 1935, and by 1939 Don was the second-highest-paid actor at 20th Century Fox Studios.

Don is most famous for the lead role in Alexander Graham Bell – so much so, that it was common at that time to call the telephone the “Ameche”. Don played the leading man in 40 films in a span of 14 years. Eventually, Don wanted out of his contract – desiring to expand his acting depth, versus the typical musical movies at the time. This caused him to be virtually black-balled from the movie industry, but Don continued to work steadily between the stage – including Silk Stockings on Broadway, radio, and television – most known as the host for International Showtime.

In 1983, Don was approached about playing a lead role in the movie Trading Places. Another actor was originally chosen for the role, but did not pass the new, stringent physical examination. Don remained “on his game” his entire life: including going to daily Mass, power walking 5 miles plus calisthenics daily, enjoying reading and being informed of current events. So he was immediately scooped up for the role. Don’s next role in the movie Cocoon, won him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1985 – at age 77. Don continued to work until several weeks before his death – on his final film, Corinna Corinna.

Throughout Don’s life, he was extremely generous to his family: his parents, his siblings, their children – and continually provided financial assistance to poor churches.

Jim Ameche

Jim Ameche

Jim is most famous for his role as Jack Armstrong on radio’s original Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy show. He continued to be well-known for radio shows on WGN in Chicago, various shows in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs, and later was a popular radio personality in the New York City area. Jim was married with five children.

Alan Ameche

Alan “the Horse” Ameche

Acclaimed as the best fullback Wisconsin ever produced, Alan was christened the name “the Horse” because he worked like a horse in practice, had unflagging stamina, said to personify sheer brute strength. Although Alan was a reserved, polite man in his personal life, he a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron.

During college at the University of Wisconsin, Alan was an Academic All-American and named MVP. In 1954 Alan won the Heisman trophy.

In his professional career, Alan is most famous for his performance in the NFL Championship game at Yankee Stadium in 1958 – between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants. Called the greatest game ever played – Alan scored the winning touchdown in the league’s first-ever sudden-death overtime.

After his football career ended due to an injury, Alan, his wife, and six children remained on the east coast. He went on to open a chain of Gino’s Restaurant in over 300 locations – which was eventually sold to Marriott Corporation. Throughout his life, Alan continued to participate in multiple philanthropic organizations.

Felix & Barbara Ameche wedding picture 05 31 1904

Felice Amici

(later changed to Felix Ameche upon arrival to America).
Felice was born in 1873 in a small town, Montemonaco, near Ascoli Piceno, Italy. In his late teens, Felice fought in one of the Italo-Ethiopian war in Africa. His company was ambushed, and Felice successfully escaped – traveling solo for a month across the desert until he reached the sea. Upon his return, Felice decided to travel to America to start a new life. Initially, Felix worked in the coal mines, taking on any job to get by. Eventually, he became an entrepreneur, after settling in Kenosha, WI with real estate including a hotel, bakery, and saloon – with his wife and eight children. When the depression hit, Felix lost everything – and his oldest son, Don, financially took care of Felix and his family – eventually bringing them out to southern California. With the same entrepreneurial spirit, Felix re-built his real estate in the San Fernando Valley.

Felix is a great example of the American Dream: the story of the underdog overachieving: overcoming and becoming.

Susie Ameche – portrait drawings