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Susie Ameche, CEO/Founder of Make Be-Leaves

Susie Ameche

Make Be-Leaves Founder and CEO

From interior designers to landscape architects, Susie is happiest when she is able to collaborate to find creative, quality solutions for her clients — whatever the limitations may be. Some installations showcase her ability to adapt under any circumstances.

Our custom artificial green walls, large trees, succulents arrangements and plantings continue to be one of our best-selling faux plantscaping items

"It has been a pleasure working with this company. I have been designing green walls for over a decade and they were such a pain. Finding your company has made my life so much easier! See install of the Aberdeen. It was the life of the party. Everyone LOVES it! We have many more to come."

Make Be-Leaves artificial green wall signage, Hawaii

Los Portales Restaurant Transformed with Custom Cherry Blossom Trees

Make Be-Leaves is excited to announce our latest project with Los Portales Restaurant. Our team has meticulously crafted and installed stunning custom artificial Cherry Blossom Trees, transforming the restaurant into an enchanting dining destination. This installation highlights our dedication to quality, realism, and innovative design, creating a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere for restaurant patrons. Enhancing Ambiance with Cherry Blossom Trees Los Portales Restaurant sought to create a unique and inviting dining experience for its guests. By incorporating our lifelike Cherry Blossom Trees, we have added a touch of elegance and serenity to the space. These custom trees are designed to mimic the delicate beauty of real cherry blossoms, offering year-round beauty without the need for maintenance. Our artificial Cherry Blossom Trees were carefully constructed using high-quality materials to ensure a realistic appearance. Each tree features intricately designed branches and blossoms, capturing the essence of springtime in full bloom. The trees were strategically placed within the restaurant to create focal points that draw guests’ attention and enhance the overall dining experience. Why Choose Make Be-Leaves for hand-crafted natural looking artificial trees?

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