I can’t tell you how happy I am that I came across Susie Ameche, founder of MakeBe-Leaves. My brother/business partner and I were building out a second salon in Orange County and he had a distinct vision for the look and feel of the salon. He’s definitely the creative visionary and I’m the one who helps execute. I was on the hunt for a vendor that could create an artificial green living wall for the interior of the salon and we needed it installed within a month. After a little digging on google I was only able to find 2 companies that were within 75 miles from us that could possibly do the job. She was quick to responding, which was heaven sent compared to several vendors I had been dealing with over the prior months and we got the ball rolling very quickly and efficiently.

She visited the salon and my brother shared his inspiration of having a large tree inside the salon as well (it had been impossible to find a living tree that would do well indoors without direct sunlight). She let him know that she also made artificial trees and he was thrilled. All in all she created a large beautiful tree for us (with a real tree trunk), a custom interior green wall that had to fit in between several windows and 2 exterior green walls framing our large window fronts.

I can honestly say that she truly helped transformed the space into what we have today! The interior wall came out much better than we could have expected because of the different colors and textures she used and its so nice to have all her work tie into each other. And to top it off she completed and installed the job ON TIME, which was incredible considering we had other vendors that were months past their deadline.

I can’t thank her enough for helping execute our vision! She was a pleasure to work with and I’m sure we’ll be using her on other projects in our other salon and home.

Jeanine Fong & Louis Orozco
Madison Salon