Make Be-Leaves was contracted to replicate a real Mediterranean Olive Tree for a grand entry atrium of an estate in La Jolla. Specifications for the artificial Mediterranean Olive Tree included 17 ft. overall height, with an 11 ft. round canopy of foliage. Specially cut natural wood trunks were selected and “trimmed” to create the overall structure of the tree, and our most realistic-looking faux olive foliage were meticulously attached to these tree branches.

Our customer was ecstatic at receiving her incredibly life-like looking “new” Mediterranean Olive Tree – and proceeded to add uplighting to enhance this magnificent focal piece.
17 ft. Mediterranean Olive Tree

17 ft. Mediterranean Olive Tree


Susie Ameche, CEO of Make Be-LeavesLandscape Architects and Interior Designers customizing is our specialty: choose from a variety of styles of foliages, and let’s work together to create a custom-designed artificial plantscapes for your interior or exterior living space!

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