Preserved Palms, Juniper and Bear Grasses ... Oh my!

Artificial creations so life-like Mother Nature would be envious...










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Artificial Trees Artisan Crafted To Order

For ultimate realism and authenticity, our preserved palms are constructed from scientifically treated natural fronds and trunk coverings, which are applied over high strength steel cores that can be shaped and curved to your specifications.

Our Preserved Palms:

  • Are customized per your specifications.
  • Can be placed into decorative containers, or constructed on steel bases to be secured into the floor.
  • Can be constructed over columns to beautify the area.
  • Have inherently flame retardant foliage.
  • Installation services available.


Preserved Junipers and Preserved Bear Grasses

These all natural Junipers and Bear Grasses are scientifically treated to give a beautiful, long-lasting appearance without the cost and maintenance of live. Junipers look equally great standing alone or creating a room divider in planters. Preserved Bear Grasses can provide a clean, contemporary look in a potted urn, as a base planting of our preserved palms, or filling a large planter.

Inquire about installation services available.

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Green any space without the maintenance. Add the grandeur of natural preserved artificial Palm Trees, Grasses and Plants to your next living-space design project!


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