Elevate Monserate Winery with lifelike artificial olive trees and custom plantings of lavender and boxwood by Make Be-Leaves.
Monserate Vineryard & Winery

Recently, Monserate Winery combined elegance and creativity with artificial Olive Trees, Lavender, and Boxwood Make Be-Leaves plantings.

Our collaboration with Monserate Winery showcased lifelike faux olive trees complemented by custom base plantings of lavender and boxwood, enhancing the winery’s ambiance with natural charm and practicality.

Our Faux Olive Trees are not just beautiful, and they are also practical. Crafted to replicate the beauty of their natural counterparts, these artificial olive trees stand as timeless symbols of prosperity and peace. With minimal maintenance and a touch of Mediterranean flair, they are the perfect choice for enhancing aesthetics without the upkeep.

Custom Base Plantings: We integrated custom base plantings of lavender and boxwood to complement the olive trees. These artificial plants provide vibrant color and texture and create a cohesive botanical setting that resonates with Monserate Winery’s rustic charm.

Why Choose Make Be-Leaves? Renowned for creating bespoke faux botanical solutions crafted to your unique space and vision. With a steadfast commitment to quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee that every plantscape project exceeds expectations.

Whether redesigning a winery, hotel, or corporate space, our artificial trees and plants elevate environments with lasting beauty and minimal maintenance.

Experience the transformative power of lush artificial foliage by Make Be-Leaves.

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