Make Be-Leaves, in a swift collaboration with the award-winning Lilium, created 24 custom faux Black Olive & Mediterranean Trees for a new restaurant at Loews Convention Center, Arlington, TX. These artificial trees, ranging from 8 to 12 feet, were rapidly constructed and delivered, giving the space its essential final flourish. Notably, a 12-foot faux Mediterranean Olive Tree, under special lighting, emerged as the restaurant’s dramatic centerpiece.

Redefining Interior/Exterior Faux Plant Design

We provide Landscape Architects, Design Firms, and Architects with the turn-key installation of life-like trees, plants, and green walls, and provide indoor/outdoor plantscapes for every living space!

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12 ft faux Mediterranean Olive Tree centerpiece

12 ft. faux Mediterranean Olive Tree
Custom faux 8ft Black Olive Tree

8ft faux Black Olive Trees