Make Be-Leaves and GSA: Right On Budget, Just In Time!

  • Make Be-Leaves has created a more ‘open’ planting design for large built-in planters, spacing out a combination of plants and decorative rocks. Sometimes, this can be an even more interesting plantscape design – in addition to being more economical — win-win solution!
  • Well-chosen greenery can be the critical final touch to ‘complete’ a room. Make Be-Leaves can assist in making recommendations for key areas, and can effectively ‘value-engineer’ plantscaping to stay within budget parameters, without sacrificing quality or design.
  • Our signature custom built trees create warmth and ambience. Our lush trees can fill open ‘gaps’ in a space, which can actually help lower the overall budget for the space, by reducing large pieces of furniture that would otherwise be needed to fill the space.
  • Our exquisite floral arrangements are economical finishing accents, when compared with the on-going expense of keeping up live florals. They are also compact enough for temporary storage, which means you can choose what to display seasonally – keeping a fresh new look throughout the year. Make Be-Leaves is always fully committed to meet your project time-frames. Although general lead time is four weeks, we understand the importance of successfully completing expedited order requests – on occasion we have been able to ship within days of receipt of order!
  • Because we custom build our trees, plantings and arrangements, we can always make it work for you! If specific components are not available at the time your order is placed, we will provide similar styles – presenting photos for approval – or offer alternate options, to ensure your order is successfully completed and shipped on time.
  • We’re proud to have a great reputation in the industry for being extremely dependable and reliable in completing orders to meet required install dates for more than 30 years. Often, purchasing companies tell us that we were the only vendor with the order ready to ship on time. We understand that a successful onsite installation requires all product present at the required location by a designated date, with all product properly tagged and in perfect condition. We make that happen every time!