Make Be-Leaves custom artificial trees are a popular way to add unparalleled drama to any space or for any occasion! Here are a few ‘looks’ that are hot right now.

One of our most stunning and popular artificial trees is the custom silk Cherry Blossom. The contrast of our high quality, two-tone pink foliage built on beautiful dark mahogany wood creates a truly spectacular tree that is always in bloom. They are as stunning as petite 4 to 6 foot trees as they are as full-sized specimens. These distinct Make Be-Leaves creations are versatile enough to be used in projects such as weddings, shopping malls, restaurants, events, and commercial, and residential estate showcases.

Pepper trees are another way to add visual intrigue to your space. Make Be-Leaves
worked closely with interior designer Beth Thorne to design and construct two 17 foot tall by 14 foot full round canopy pepper trees for a new restaurant opening soon on Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles. The owners’ vision was to create a romantic park-like setting where the customers can sit under the life-like trees. The huge ceiling height makes this the perfect space for these trees — with foliage beginning high enough that people can walk under the trees, while using minimal floor space.

We’ve had a lot of interest in Asian-inspired designs recently. This trend for what are sometimes referred to as “bonsai trees” to new heights, using tiered trees like Nandina and Pittosporum. Take inspiration from a couple of our recent installations and tell us what we can create for you!


Make Be-Leaves takes inspiration and turns it into reality