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Custom UV Artificial Vertical Gardens - Green Walls

Make Be-Leaves transforms your stark or unattractive walls into a beautiful, garden-like living space – simply elegant, long-lasting lush faux foliage!

Designer artificial greenery such as these examples improve LEED ratings because they eliminate water and energy use. Carefree they are perfect for hiding unattractive air conditioners, equipment or sprucing up boring concrete walls.

Our custom-designed Green Walls are equally popular for interior spaces as well as exterior walls. Make Be-leaves artificial floral designs are constructed on lightweight gridded, powder-coated metal panels – this simple modular system is easily attached to any type of wall.

Any living space can be a lush green plant place!

Susie Ameche, CEO/Founder of Make Be-Leaves
Susie Ameche, CEO/Founder of Make Be-Leaves

Transform your spaces with our custom UV-resistant exterior green wall plantings, meticulously crafted on a durable metal mesh backing for effortless attachment to any wall type. Select from various styles, including sophisticated boxwood, striking geometric patterns, or organic, fluid forms, to fashion your unique designer wall. Opt to adorn entire walls or create distinct panels for bespoke wall art.

Our artificial wall plantings offer versatility in design. They are available as elegantly framed pieces, tailored panels that seamlessly integrate into existing wall spaces, or cascading tiers of lush greenery. 

Ideal for a range of settings, from the grandeur of hotels and commercial buildings to the intimacy of residential penthouse balconies and hospitals, our faux living walls are a testament to luxury and style. Their transformative impact on any living space is profound, and our delighted customers’ consistent, enthusiastic feedback is a source of great pride and excitement for us. 

Experience the remarkable difference a Make Be-Leaves designed green wall can bring to your space.

Large-scale UV Exterior Modular Greenwalls with lighted signage...

Artificial green “Plant Walls” are modular vertical faux greenery panels that are no maintenance UV and suitable for both outdoor or indoor use.
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Interior Artificial Green Walls

Our fabulous custom faux living walls create instant, lush green walls which provide a warm inviting environment – without taking up any floor space, nor any need for planters. Unlike real living walls, which require intricate irrigation systems, on-going replacement of plants, and potential watering issues – our faux living walls are maintenance-free.

We work on a diverse variety of projects creating faux living walls – from hotels, commercial buildings, and hospitals to residential penthouse balconies. And it never ceases to amaze me what a huge difference the greenery brings to the space – and thrilling to receive such positive feedback from our customers.

Some Make Be-Leaves Artificial Green Wall Creations:

CUSTOM SUCCULENT WALL, COMMERCIAL BUILDING L.F. Jennings contracted Make Be-Leaves to design and create a custom mixed artificial succulent wall for a new commercial building in Herndon, VA. This 7 ft. x 7 ft. succulent wall was constructed on a Styrofoam base with…

GEORGIA WORLD CONGRESS CENTER, UV GREEN WALL We continue to receive rave reviews and have been awarded new projects, as a result of our UV large, custom artificial green wall at Phipps Plaza, Atlanta install, a couple of years ago. In the last couple of months, we…

Hotel Allegro Towers Make Be-Leaves collaborated with AVRP Skyport Architects and White Construction to create a dramatic entrance with our custom UV artificial green walls for the upscale Allegro Towers in downtown San Diego. This unique faux green wall project…

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