Interior Design Trends

Translated Into Silk Plantscapes And Beyond

makebeleaves collage of silk plants and flowers

» Saturated colors

One of the first 2014 trends in interior design I’ve witnessed is the use of saturated colors. Wow, what an opportunity this presents. It reminds me of a recent set of floral arrangements I created and took to the Four Seasons Hotel to photograph for my clients (below). I think you’ll agree that using flowers that come in saturated colors can really pull the color around a room. But, there’s more. The use of saturated colors can also be expressed in the base planter fill and saturated colored decorative planters as expressed in the images below. We’ve also included an image that shows the many saturated colors this filler comes in. Saturated colors will bring both fun and a rich filled feeling to the room.

Other flower types that come in saturated colors include Gerbera Daisies, Ranunculus, Orchid Purple Phalaenopsis, many tropical selections and of course, many others.

makebeleaves containers collage

» The outdoors is fast becoming another room we decorate.

Another big trend is developing outdoors. It’s simply becoming another room we decorate. In fact, many are saying that the distinction between indoors and outdoors in decorating is getting smaller. We have been getting calls to install plants that have framed many an outdoor room.

makebeleaves exterior plantings collage silk floral

Many decorators are using boxwoods to create half and full walls to shape the outdoors. In other cases, they are using it to cover unsightly walls or add greenery to the vision outside the window’s view. Decorators are using flowers to bring more color to the outdoors where the water hose may not reach to or be welcome.

We have trees, plants and flowers manufactured for outdoor use including the UV stabilization to maintain color and hold up to the elements for their lifetime.

makebeleaves exterior plantings collage silk floral

» The trends in sculptural and three dimensional artwork for your walls lends itself to plants and flowers too.

We love when our clients take planting to the wall. It not only brings a dynamic perspective to the room, it adds dimension to the walls and is a unique touch you just don’t see very often. Furthermore, as you can see in the image below done for Koi restaurant in Beverly Hills, that you can incorporate other complementary elements with flowers and plants.

makebeleaves wall art collage silk floral

Also, take a look at the moveable wall below. This is a large faux wall custom built on a wood base with casters for flexibility to divide space at events. We did two of these 10’ x 10’ walls for the Long Beach Convention center that actually sat beneath a stunning wall chandelier. Movable walls can be built to serve different size areas or can instantly transform an unattractive or stark wall. Just this morning, I noticed that abc7’s Kelly and Michael show used movable walls behind their dancer for their “Spring it On” promotional contest; in this case covered in fun Spring flowers.

We get more calls every year to bring flowers/plantings to the wall. We even had the Philadelphia Airport Hotel put preserved moss pillow squares on its back wall and it turned out looking quite stunning. Take a peek below.

» Bringing more dimension to plantscaping.

makebeleaves natural decorative planting collage

In the past year, we have used all kinds of materials that serve in meeting your design needs—and we’ve gone way beyond the plantscape. Interior decorators are now adding other components that complement and add dimension to the décor. You may have seen some of these images in previous newsletters. In one, we replaced the planters with a modern chrome ball décor; this is the final room with the sculpture. In another we just added accent décor to the natural yucca poles. These days, as is now in the fashion industry, you are only limited by your own imagination. See the image using the natural mitsumi wood and what a mild, contemporary planting it makes without the use of greenery. Rest assured, we are here to assist you in how to bring your vision to life, no matter what the materials are!

We will keep you up on trends as they arise in our work. Remember to review all of the custom work we do to inspire your ideas visit our website at

makebeleaves natural decorative planting collage

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