Harte Brownlee, a prestigious landscape architecture firm in Laguna Beach, was directed by their Beverly Hills client to utilize UV artificial plantscaping in specified areas throughout their Beverly Hills estate.  Working in close collaboration with the homeowners, Harte Brownlee and the contractor, Make Be-Leaves designed and custom built:

* UV artificial Ficus Privet Hedges for privacy.  These custom built artificial privet hedges are constructed on multi natural, water-treated wood trunks, with UV artificial stabilized foliage -cut to the exact specified height and density.

*UV faux sprengerii for extended built-in planter.  These natural looking trailing sprengerii plantings softened the stone wall structure, and eliminated the challenge of hard to reach areas to water & maintain.

*UV artificial hedge-style plantings.  The custom UV artificial basil and laurel plants were a great choice to create natural, “loose-style” hedge plantings

The custom UV plantscapes provided no-maintenance solutions for these areas, while blending beautifully with their natural surrounding plantscaping.