Iconic exterior Green Wall Signage above Bloomingdales

Make Be-Leaves worked closely with Interior Architects designer, Katherine Dao, in creating the unique UV Faux Green Wall design for both the exterior wall above Bloomingdales’, South Coast Plaza and interior ceiling artificial Green Walls.

artificial UV green wall installation by Make Be-LeavesWorking with Servco Construction it was determined that it was best to have the wall signage installed prior to our faux green walls. This created one of the complexities of this exterior artificial UV Green Wall installation – requiring our install team to intricately adjust & revise while attaching our panel sections around the existing signage.

Custom Long-lasting Artificial Green Walls

The interior fluid design Green Wall sections, attached to the angled ceiling areas created a vibrant pop of greenery, enhancing the slatted wood elements.

Our simple, modular gridded artificial green wall system was attached to their steel open structure easily with clips and screws!


Artificial Green Wall


Artificial Green Wall
Customizing is our specialty: choose from a variety of styles of faux foliages, and let’s work together to create a custom-designed artificial plantscape for your project!

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