Make Be-Leaves was contacted by renowned interior designer, Gulla Jonsdittor, to come up with a solution in creating a natural-looking green wall for Cleo’s Restaurant at the new SLS Resort in the Bahamas. The massive 75 ft. long x 14 ft. tall focal wall has intricately designed geometric stones creating an almost mosaic pattern – with extremely minimal space between a large portion of the stones. The challenge was to provide a natural-looking faux green wall that could be secured behind the stones – in all the “nooks and crannies”, many of which had less than an inch space.

Make Be-Leaves proposed a combination of faux moss clumps with preserved reindeer mosses to create a solid green wall behind the stones, adding a more dramatic and warm ambience to the restaurant. With a team of five installers, Make Be-Leaves worked long hours on scaffolding and ladders to secure over 6,000 faux moss clumps and 70 lbs. of reindeer moss. With only days before the restaurant was scheduled to open, Make Be-Leaves’ crew completed the installation in record time – to everyone’s satisfaction and delight.