Once upon a time, in a land not so far away…

…there is a magical forest of Make Be-leaves

Make Be-Leaves presents

makebe- leaves fraktured fairytales artificial flowers plants and trees

Fraktured Fairytales

Faux Flowers, Plants & Trees

Chapters 1-3 (4 minutes) | Watch the Video Story!

Mother Nature was very sad.
After working non-stop since the dawn of time, she needed a break – she wanted to party like all the other girls. In a crowded universe, she had only one friend – her Magic Wand. Though Mother Nature’s creations brought beautiful things into the world, she usually just got blamed for the bad stuff, like floods, lightning and earthquakes. Watch the video story to find out more…

| Download the PDF – Fraktured Fairytales – Chapters 1-3

See the amazing artificial flowers, plants, and trees from the magical forest of Make Be-Leaves below, click on an image to magically see it larger.

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