Custom Artificial Green Wall Plantings with Signage

As the expanding demand for unique artificial Green Walls continues, our customers are discovering more and more creative ways to enhance their lobbies, entrances and living spaces with uniquely branded signage and elegant lighting.

Our UV artificial green walls – equally popular for interior and exterior spaces – are constructed on a lightweight, gridded metal backing. When incorporating signage on these artificial green walls, there are multiple options:

*Make Be-Leaves will build out our green wall, including specified “cut outs” on the wall – as shown in the Kinecta office wall

*After our faux green wall is attached to the existing wall, signage can be attached directly over the green wall

*Smaller cut outs can be handled at time of installation – simply using bolt cutters or hand grinder to cut the metal gridding where desired. Example shown of large wall with domed lighting incorporated
For our interior green walls constructed on Styrofoam with wood backing:

*signage can be attached directly over the green wall – as shown in framed succulent wall
This combination of our beautiful faux green walls with added signage or lighting creates a dramatic effect.

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