Make Be-Leaves was approached by The Botanical Group to build large-scale artificial Fiddle Leaf Trees – creating the main focal pieces for their new Grandmaster Restaurant in West Hollywood. These faux Fiddle Leaf Trees were constructed on multi wood trunks. The trunks were then unpotted to facilitate limited space access to the building, and then re-potted to aesthetically fit around the ceiling railroad beams.

Our large, exotic Brazilian fiddle leaf foliage, artistically attached to our selected, natural mahogany wood trunks created these dramatic Fiddle Leaf Trees.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Trees


Susie Ameche, CEO of Make Be-LeavesLandscape Architects and Interior Designers customizing is our specialty: choose from a variety of styles of foliages, and let’s work together to create a custom-designed artificial plantscapes for your interior or exterior living space!

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