More and more customers are calling about the pieces we did years ago and wanting to do business again. They’ve tired other vendors, but have found that in the long run it’s more affordable to invest in their plantscapes up-front. We refuse to sacrifice on quality, yet can be as creative as necessary to do a variety of jobs within budget constraints.

To illustrate my point, here are five examples of Make Be-Leaves customization of artificial birch trees where we managed specific needs to better shape the space in which each of these trees is positioned:

  1. A set of 8 foot tall Birch trees frame an entrance.

    We worked with a designer to frame both the height and width of this doorway. (Click to enlarge)

    Mirrored Artificial Birch Trees
    Here, both trees needed to be the same height, as well as fill out a specific area provided by the designer for framing the door. We also work with circumference requirements for the canopy and leaves on each tree. This means, for design purposes, each tree will likely have leaves that mirror the frame of the front door.

  2. Our client needed us to leave branches off , and we did!

    Can you tell the difference between the right and left sides of this tree? (Click to enlarge)

    One-sided Customization in Artificial Trees
    Our client requested that a branch loft over into the room’s entry, using just the leaves at the tree’s tallest point. This is the kind of customization we excel at: Shaping the tree to fit the space and giving the tree the perfect surroundings.

  3. Extra Tall Silver Birch Trees
    The height of the trees we did for the Holiday Inn, Columbia is very popular among our clients.

    The trees we created for the Holiday Inn, Columbia dwarf my 5’4” frame.

    The trees we created for the Holiday Inn, Columbia dwarf my 5’4” frame. (Click to enlarge)

    In lobbies that are two or more stories — even in rooms with vaulted ceilings — nothing makes a bigger statement than a tall tree with a dramatic canopy. We made these artificial silver birch trees 15 feet tall. You can see how tall they are compared to me (I’m 5’4”). We were also careful to make sure that no two trees were alike.

  4. A yellow birch tree, designed to look 'young.'

    A yellow birch tree, designed to look ‘young.’ (Click to enlarge)

    Yellow Birch Trees
    Even yellow birch trees are possible with customized artificial trees. Clients often use them to bring color into a room. This particular yellow birch was intentionally built to fit a narrow space and look like a young tree, as requested per the designer.

  5. Holiday or Special Occasion Birch Trees
    We often use birch trees to decorate for holidays and special occasions.

    The poinsettias in the base planting of these birch trees creates the perfect winter setting.

    The poinsettias in the base planting of these birch trees creates the perfect winter setting. (Click to enlarge)

    Because of their neutral, white base, any color palette used for your occasion will work. Birch trees offer the perfect canopy of branches that create can add dynamic height to any room. Whether a church is placing custom ornaments made by its very own members, or we add snow covered leaves to add the perfect touch to a Rocky Mountain wedding, the trees inevitably carry a theme throughout the space they occupy. In this photograph, we have poinsettias in the base planting of the birch trees recreating a perfect winter setting.

We fulfill all sorts of custom requests for artificial trees, plants and flower combinations. We custom build them to meet your specific needs, both inside and outside. We work with you every step of the way to make sure that the requested plantscapes fill the unique shapes that will make that corner or wall exquisite. I look forward to hearing what your vision is. You can reach me directly at [email protected].