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Our life-like artificial plants are a drought solution!

In our severely drought-stricken region, creating beautiful, custom UV exterior plantscaping is more crucial than ever. In these last several years, it has been exciting to expand our custom UV exterior plantscaping offerings and designs.

Custom Artificial Flowers, Plants & Trees Complete Plantscape Design and Installation

Our custom drought solutions are made up of UV exterior artificial plantscaping have made it possible for landscape architects to create large-scale sophisticated boxwood hedging and parterre on exterior upper floor locations, where using similar live plantscaping was prohibitive or not possible, due to weight-bearing restrictions and severe seasonal weather conditions. With the huge added plus of no maintenance!

And our UV custom boxwood hedges are a perfect solution for creating privacy or division for hotels, restaurants, balconies – and to provide a manicured border for walkways and planter areas. Our custom UV hedge-style trees, built on water-treated natural wood trunks, are another great solution when desiring to create privacy while allowing light through.

“Years of low rainfall in California has made it the region’s worst drought in 1,200 years…” 

Make Be-leaves UV exterior boxwood walls and faux living walls, transform stark or unattractive walls into beautiful, garden-like settings – and without the added expense and space required for decorative planters. Just clean, elegant, beautiful greenery.

Who wouldn’t love year round color and beauty in their flower boxes – maintenance free? We have great fun creating the exact look and color palate of our UV exterior flowering plantings for our customers’ planter boxes, decorative planters, base plantings, and tall trellis-style plantings.

And let’s not overlook areas of interior plantscaping where artificial will not only save our precious water, but will eliminate the labor and expense of ongoing maintenance. Our large, specimen trees continue to amaze our customers – constantly being mistaken for real! Atriums in hotels and corporate buildings are perfect areas to create lush, park-like spaces with our custom trees and plantings – specially designed for each location. And what a perfect welcoming touch when you enter a luxury hotel guest room, to find a beautiful single orchid arrangement on the desktop.

UV Exterior Artificial Plants

Before and After

Before and After

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