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Life-like Artificial Green Walls (faux Cannabis) by Make Be-Leaves!


Custom UV Artificial Greenwall signage experience continues to expand in popularity, with new installations growing nationwide. Although these custom walls are made to withstand full sun and rain, our beautiful, lush walls have been equally popular for the soothing quality they bring to any interior space.

Make Be-Leaves collaborated closely with Bench Dog to design and create custom artificial green walls for several of Greenhouse Dispensary offices. The custom fluid design of mixed faux greenery includes a smattering of faux cannabis foliage.

Read more about this designer faux cannabis signage and its in-store experience in “Greenhouse Making “Bank” in an old Bank” https://cannatechtoday.com/greenhouse-making-bank/

Artificial Green Wall w Cannabis

The experience is strikingly beautiful and relaxing adding a dramatic entrance to this already sensational office space!


Landscape Architects and Interior Designers

Landscape Architects and Interior Designers customizing is our specialty: choose from a variety of styles of foliages, and let’s work together to create a custom-designed artificial green wall for your interior or exterior living space!

Visit us at www.MakeBe-Leaves.com


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