Make Be-Leaves contemporary artistic planting of life-like mixed succulents

Location: Airbus Headquarters, Herndon, VA

Make Be-Leaves is proud to announce the successful completion of a stunning artificial succulent wall installation at the Airbus headquarters in Herndon, VA. This project showcases our commitment to innovative design and high-quality craftsmanship, providing a breathtaking botanical feature that enhances the workspace’s aesthetics.

The Vision

Airbus aimed to create a visually appealing, commercial-rated, low-maintenance greenery solution for their headquarters. They wanted to infuse the workspace with the beauty of nature without the upkeep demands of live plants. Make Be-Leaves leveraged its faux flower artisan expertise in artificial botanical solutions to achieve this vision.

The Design

To achieve this, our design team collaborated closely with Airbus, crafting a custom artificial succulent wall. This installation features a diverse array of lifelike succulents meticulously arranged to create a dynamic and natural-looking display. The selection includes various succulent species, each chosen for its realistic appearance and vibrant colors, thus providing a visually engaging and cohesive look.

Soon after finalizing the design, the artificial succulent wall was crafted with precision and care. Each element was carefully packed and shipped to Airbus headquarters in Herndon, VA. Our team then worked efficiently to install the wall, ensuring that it perfectly matched the design specifications and met Airbus’s expectations.

Why Choose an Artificial Succulent Wall?

  • Low Maintenance: Unlike live plants, artificial succulents require no watering, pruning, or special care, making them an ideal solution for busy work environments.
  • Consistent Beauty: Our artificial plants retain their vibrant colors and lifelike appearance year-round, providing lasting beauty.
  • Customizable Design: We offer a wide range of artificial succulent varieties and design options to suit any living space and aesthetic preference, UV indoor or outdoor plantscapes.

About Make Be-Leaves

For over three decades, Make Be-Leaves has specialized in creating hand-crafted designer artificial botanical solutions tailored to your unique space and vision. We consistently commit to quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every project exceeds expectations. Our lifelike artificial flowers, plants, and trees transform any environment with lasting beauty and minimal maintenance. Explore our hand-crafted commercial artificial succulents, plants, flowers, trees, and other faux botanical creations.

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