Make Be-Leaves UV Exterior Artificial Trellis Vining

Make Be-Leaves artificial UV exterior vining is a great option to create year-round greenery on solid walls or trellises is our UV exterior greenery vining. For projects desiring climbing greenery – but not a completely solid green wall – these UV stabilized vine garlands are the perfect solution.

Hyatt Place, National Harbor, MD wanted to create greenery on two of the exterior walls at their restaurant – specifying about 60 percentage greenery coverage. Diamond-patterned cable was attached to the concrete walls, to which Make Be-Leaves secured the UV artificial greenery vining – creating a warm, inviting space, and maintenance-free!

Hyatt Place, National Harbor, exterior wall greenery at their restaurant

Trellis Vining / Climbing Faux Plant

artificial UV exterior vining

Custom UV Exterior Artificial Trellis Vining

Customizing is our specialty: choose from a variety of artificial flowers, plants and trees, and let’s work together to create a custom-designed plantscape for your project! Visit us at www.MakeBe-Leaves.com
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