Make Be-Leaves was contacted by Habjan Studios and Benchmark Builders to design four large scale 15 ft. custom artificial Birch Trees for the offices of Brown Brothers Harriman in Manhattan, NY.

Our majestic Birch Trees are constructed on natural white birch trunks, which our wood cutters in Wisconsin provide per specifications.  Once the tree trunks are potted, our tree artisans begin to attach the individual artificial foliage stems to the tree branches – starting from the top and artistically working down to create beautiful, balanced trees.

Custom steel plates with welded metal supports are optional for added stability once the trees.

Selection of UV artificial foliage styles and layout patterns were designed by Gensler Design, and Make Be-Leaves provided custom framing for certain “edge” panels to create a finished look.

Each custom faux green wall panel was cut to precisely fit between millwork panels – creating a dramatic focal wall, which is viewed an enjoyed on all four levels.