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Susie Ameche, Make Be-Leaves Founder and CEO

UV Stabilized Artificial Flowers, Plants and Trees

We create life-like artificial Flowers, Plants & Trees and provide custom indoor/outdoor plantscapes for any living space. Customer service is the cornerstone of our business, Landscape Architects & Interior Designers please contact us for consultation, we are custom To-The-Trade.

Turn any space into a magical place…

Our high-quality UV artificial plants and flowers are long-lasting and virtually maintenance free. We are the premier bespoke faux floral design/build company for commercial interior and exterior landscaping contact us today to discuss your project. 



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    Use Make Be-Leaves to create and produce beautiful lush enduring combinations of real and artificial flower, plants, trees  and plantscapes for any indoor or outdoor living space » Contact Us for a Free design consultation and catalog.


    Faux living walls are wildly popular – and no wonder! Our fabulous custom faux living walls create instant, lush green walls which provide a warm inviting environment – without taking up any floor space, nor any need for planters. Unlike real living walls, which require intricate irrigation systems, on-going replacement of plants, and potential watering issues – our faux living walls are maintenance-free!


    Make Be-Leaves has extensive experience in creating custom plantscaping in hotel spaces that complement their live plantscaping. Whether for main lobbies, ballrooms, restaurants, or guest suites, Make Be-Leaves works closely with interior designers and architects to provide high quality, custom plantscaping, working within budgets and required time lines.


    Artificial plantscaping is ever increasing in popularity for commercial public spaces – due to the costs of purchasing and maintaining live plantscaping, or never-ending costs of renting live. Another great advantage to artificial is the almost limitless choices of styles, shapes sizes of trees, floor plants and table top pieces – versus the very limiting options with live, due to natural light and temperature restrictions.


    Restaurant design continues to evolve into new, exciting, diverse styles. And artificial plantscaping is the perfect choice to create your vision – from large, focal specimen trees, stylized plantings, table top accent pieces, to customized faux living walls – Make Be-Leaves is ready to create your vision.
    faux succulent plants in casino


    Casinos provide wonderful opportunities to create magical, themed environments – and custom artificial plantscaping plays an important role in the overall design. Make Be-Leaves has provided themed plantscaping including Egyptian, tropical, English garden, southwest, and Alpine.

    Let your imagination soar, and Make Be-Leaves will make your plantscape vision come true.


    Plantscaping is a crucial part of the overall interior design for senior living properties, hospital and healthcare facilities – creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Make Be-Leaves offers an extensive variety of custom artificial trees, floor plants, table top pieces – customized to the designer’s specifications – with certified flame treatment available.


    Custom artificial plantscaping is the crucial, final finish touch to your residential project – from the custom tailored specimen tree, floor plant or table top piece – to the exquisite focal floral for an entry or dining table. Make Be-Leaves is ready to make your project look amazing!