It’s such a beautiful Artificial Green Wall installation, the Phipps Plaza UV green wall project is finally completed, including custom domed lighting which creates a dramatic impact on the main entrance to this upscale mall in Buckhead, GA.

Make Be-Leaves worked from inspiration renderings provided by Beck Architecture to design and construct the custom fluid design artificial outdoor UV green wall. The landscape architectural design layout shows the plant foliage selections, the fluid design, and the modular panel layout.

artificial green wall

Architect Designer’s inspiration image for green wall.

Artificial Green Wall UV - design

Design layout for artificial green wall planting by Make Be-leaves

Artificial Green Wall

Completed installation of artificial green wall by Make Be-leaves at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead, GA.

Artificial Green Wall

Phipps Plaza UV green wall project finally completed, including custom domed lighting – creating a dramatic impact to the main entrance to this upscale mall in Buckhead, GA.

Artificial Green Walls

Make Be-Leaves custom UV stabilized plantings have been increasingly growing in demand – providing a great solution for stark, unattractive barren concrete walls, creating instant greenery and warmth to any living space. Significantly less costly than living plant green walls – and are virtually maintenance-free, our custom UV Green Walls offer the perfect choice.

These custom designed Green Walls are equally popular for interior spaces as well as exterior walls. Make Be-Leaves artificial floral designs are constructed on lightweight gridded, powder-coated metal panels – this simple modular system is easily attached to any type of wall.

All of Make Be-Leaves faux foliages are UV stabilized – with UV protectant injected into the mold for each plant, which allows the green walls to withstand full sun and rain.

Customizing is our specialty: choose from a variety of styles of foliages, and let’s work together to create a custom-designed artificial plantscape for your project!
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