Our UV artificial custom grass plantings are a great choice for built-in planters, decorative pots, or wall-mounted planters. These faux grasses have a very life-like appearance and their clean-line look works great for most landscape designs.

Depending upon the project, these custom UV faux grass plantings can be potted into weighted nursery pots, or secured into a Styrofoam base, cut to fit the interior dimensions of your planters.

Our taller UV artificial grass plantings work great in creating division and privacy, potted in rectangular planters, while the middle height and shorter grass plantings provide a natural, long-lasting look of greenery and style.

These custom grass plantings are so realistic-looking, they work great in combination with live plantscaping – see example of our UV grass plantings in large decorative pots, with natural succulent plantings in same space.

Decorative rocks are a great final touch in creating a clean, contemporary landscape design.

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