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“Create artificial plants, flowers and trees that Mother Nature would love”
– is the inspiration for Make Be-Leaves!

"Hello, I'm Susie Ameche, and today I'm excited to share a glimpse into my journey and the vibrant world of Make Be-Leaves. Born into a colorful family of artists, creativity has always been my heartbeat. My studies in Studio Arts at Loyola Marymount University exposed me to diverse artistic mediums, but nothing captivated me quite like my first encounter with an exquisite artificial Ficus tree, crafted atop genuine wood trunks. It was a magnificent portrait, a tribute to Mother Nature's finest, encapsulated in Plant Art. This resonated deeply with me, especially since I humorously admit to having a 'black thumb.' The allure of maintenance-free, everlasting botanical beauty wasn't just appealing; it was a captivating revelation."

Susie Ameche, Make Be-Leaves Founder and CEO
Susie Ameche, Make Be-Leaves Founder and CEO

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and Make Be-Leaves. I married and had my first child when I was 27. My husband served in the military and then on the fire department for 22 years. We realized early on that we yearned for a more creative environment for ourselves, and now our two children as well. I remembered when I was dating my husband and he picked me up from college, we had noticed a yard with artificial plants. As far as I was concerned, I thought they were hideous, but I never forgot the street, and periodically I’d drive by and look them over.

Ultimately, I took odd jobs to supplement our family income. One day I bought my mother a beautiful artificial Ficus Tree. When I saw it, my mind exploded. I thought how cool is this – it’s like a portrait of Mother Nature’s finest work. Like a painting. Plant art, yet I don’t have to water or feed it! I discussed it with my husband and we visited the supplier. Seeing their inventory, I realized there were very few really stunning artificial plant products. I inquired about helping at the store. Basically that fell flat. And in that instant, I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I decided this is what I wanted to do. This is where the adventure begins. I would design and create amazing lush, green and flowering plants for everyone to enjoy.

As fate would have it, my husband decided not to stay with my vision, or me. I found myself a single woman and I needed to make money. I couldn’t set down the inspiration for Make Be-Leaves. Thinking there are so many people who love nature’s design – trees, plants, florals, and landscaping, yet they couldn’t take care of them – they didn’t have a green thumb or the weather made growing plants difficult. Could there be a way to enjoy all the world’s plantscapes – and not worry about maintaining such things year-round? Inspired I found the answer to that question when I realized that I could do it myself – I was so excited!

By this time, I had already started a small office where I was learning fast. I promised myself that I would never make anything that Mother Nature would not approve of. I have never given up on that vision. To this day, three decades later, Make Be-Leaves’ products are the most beautiful in the industry. My kids are all grown up – and they are magnificent. By the way, you might ask yourself how did the name of Make Be-Leaves come to be? There is some disagreement on that, but for me – heaven made it up, and I think it’s cool. 

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