We often say, ‘Welcome to the forest of Make Be-Leaves,’ but not all of the planscaping solutions we offer are only life-like, some are actually 100 percent natural! Our native wood trunk plantings are a great choice for those looking for a natural look that is also environmentally friendly and virtually maintenance-free. Take a look at a couple recent examples that make the case much better than we can put into words.

We are proud to have just installed several dramatic 11 foot tall custom cut, sandblasted Manzanita wood trunks, potted in custom 36″ cube metal planters with concealed casters to be moved easily as needed for various functions, at celebrity chef Brian Malarkey’s newly relocated Herringbone restaurant in Santa Monica, California. These majestic tree trunks are beautiful, sculptured pieces, which will complement the stunning living wall in the entry and the mixed succulent garden in the exterior planters once they’re installed. We’re excited to show you more from this project as it’s comes together in the days and weeks ahead.

Make-Be-Leaves 111 foot sandblasted manzanita trunks

Make-Be-Leaves’ 11 foot sandblasted Manzanita tree trunks before delivery to Brian Malarkey’s newly relocated Herringbone restaurant

Here’s another example that is already installed — and you may recognize where! Designed for serveral high-end supermarkets to sit alongside fresh-cut flowers, are custom cut, 6 foot tall natural Manzanita tree trunks with decorative preserved reindeer moss accents, potted in decorative baskets. This is another example of one of the many ways plantscaping can be especially effective; pairing fresh or living plants with our offerings, to transform, fill in or complete a look. Here, the trunks offer a consistent look-and-feel for shoppers and can be dressed up with lights and ornaments from season to season. A sound investment that helps the store sell seasonal stock more effectively.