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Fall 2010





Plant Creations SO REAL...

Mother Nature would be green with envy…and
so happy that we are eco-friendly.





Susie Ameche, CEO of MakeBe-Leaves

Welcome To Our New Site!

Hello, I’m Susie Ameche, CEO of Make Be-Leaves. I am so excited to announce the launch of my new website and two new silk collections.

I invite you to come join me in the Forest of Make Be-Leaves, a beautiful and exotic place filled with wonderful trees as far as they eye can see. A path walking through this magical place would take days especially if one were to enjoy all the mystics of such unusual plants.

There are secret places where new creations grow and never die, always as brilliant as the day before. Let’s begin our adventure: divider

UV Stabilized Plantscapes:

Let the sun shine, and forget about watering... Our assortment of UV Stabilized topiaries, flowering plants, hedges and greenery will:

  • Create & Enhance An Outdoor Garden Without All The Maintenance & Ongoing Costs Of Live Plants

  • Accent A Patio, Brighten A Balcony Or Window

  • Great For Commercial Use To Beautify Stark Parking Structures And Service Stations

Customize your exterior plantscape designs with UV Stabilized Plants that will withstand the ultra violet rays of the sun and the elements of weather. UV Stabilized plants, flowers, trees and hedges will add long term beauty to those hard to care for areas.


New Silk BALI collection

View Our BALI Collection"Bali is all about beauty ...simple & elegant. Everywhere you look: from stylish, bright floral designs, exotic & ornate dance costumes, creative & colorful displays of foods, exquisite temples, talented artisans, to incredible lush, intense landscapes and jungles... you are surrounded by intoxicating, beauty. And one thing I noticed while traveling through Bali was that the beautiful, natural vegetation in Bali created such a peaceful, balancing and yet energizing effect on me. It is a feeling that I wanted to bring home and incorporate in my world - and then make this available for your world as well. So, come join me in the magical forest of Bali. "


New FRENCH Silk collection

Visit Our FRENCH Collection"I recently returned from my latest trip - to France. My previous visit to France was in 1988 when we installed eighteen 20 ft. tall custom Ficus Trees for the Casino de Deauville. And what an intoxicating experience: touring inspiring museums, visiting cathedrals, castles and gardens, window shopping along the Champs Elysees, and, of course, enjoying delicious French cuisine at sidewalk cafes and intimate restaurants.

France is an incredibly beautiful country... I have never seen so many svelte, sophisticated, stylish, sexy men and women in one place!

So, I’m excited to present my new French Collection, which includes an assortment of sophisticated, sculpted topiaries and hedges, and florals inspired from my excursions throughout Paris. And, in addition, an assortment of colorful wildflowers and herb style arrangements, inspired by the quaint, colorful towns and fields, orchards and vineyards seen in the southern, Provence region of France."

Imagine the freedom and ease of using beautiful faux plantscapes which need no attention.

Here’s How They Help Our Planet:

  • Eliminates Watering
  • Chemicals For Tree & Plant Disease, & Maintenance
  • Labor To Maintain Plantscapes:
  • Pruning
  • Removing Dead Leaves/Branches
  • Repotting Trees/Plants As They Outgrow Their Original Pots
  • Replacing Trees/Plants Due To Poor Lighting, Disease


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