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Custom Silk:

Custom Contemporary Silk Installation Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel - after

Peek in on the latest grand-scale sculptural art production from concept-to-completion.

Our company expansion to now handling sculptural art productions was inspired by a four-phase project we did for the Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel through Colombia Sussex in Kentucky. Together, our collaborative teams employed truly exceptional creativity and ingenuity building these units. More so, we are topping off the final phase with a representative three-dimensional wall art comprised of all phases of the project to span across a 100-foot wall. We also intelligently resourced the parts and managed the production costs by anticipating the shipping and installation needs through each phase.

Custom Silk Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel - phase 1

In the development of this project, Tanja Wicke, designer at Columbia Sussex worked in conjunction with Marriott Corp. designers to create their visions. Phase one started with a photo of a small arrangement of yucca poles with colored pods attached. They wanted for us to construct large plantings of natural yucca poles, complete with natural pods, which turned out to be a unique and fun way of dressing up what used to be a hotel floor planter. You can see that we also coordinated the colors with the carpet to bring continuity to this design touch. We filled the planter with preserved reindeer moss to bring an enchanting base and final touch to phase one of this project.

Custom Contemporary Silk Installation Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel

We went from the planter to bringing a whole new dimension to the back wall in the lobby and reception area in phase two. We created squares using complimentary preserved moss that, when installed, created a checkered pattern with a wooden paneled wall. We were able to build squares, as shown here, with the preserved moss and fill the 14” squares to appear “pillow-like”. I love how creativity no longer requires rules, and that with this we learn how unique combinations work together that become the new “new”.

Custom Contemporary Silk Installation Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel - before

Our third phase directive was to, ironically, replace the plantings on several floors of the open atrium with a highly contemporary, sculptural design, using various size aluminum balls attached to steel poles with a low, faux grass at the base. We overcame unique challenges in developing a sturdy base structure, which would securely hold the 12,000 plus aluminum balls on poles while also taking into consideration the most economical way to ship & install these pieces for efficient installation. We managed resourcing and installing 12,000 balls and over 24,000 silicone rings to position the balls on thousands of poles. The design and its components were retrofitted to the current (before) built-in planters. The “before” and “after” are proof of a complete new design premise for this hotel and a well-executed plan.

Custom Contemporary Silk Installation Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel - after
Custom Contemporary Silk Installation Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel - wall art

Finally, in phase four, we were asked to recommend wall art that would fill and bring life to a 100 foot-long wall represented by the very components we’d used in previous phases. To start the conversation, we sent the image you see here. This then evolved into the botanical wall inspiration (also shown here). We worked together testing out the three-dimensional components and how it would best create a wall masterpiece representing the new design in the hotel. To accommodate efficiency in shipping and installation, we shipped (15) 4’ square framed wall panels. We made sure each piece brought a unique touch to the overall design. These photos represent the beginnings of this phase. Look to future blogs to see the photos of the upcoming installation of the whole wall piece put together.

Custom Silk Wall Art

Going beyond the plant-scape has been an invigorating adventure for us. We welcome your ideas and look forward to producing your visions for you. We consider our first order of business to listen carefully to what is important to you. We encourage our clients to think beyond what they’ve seen done and add their own personal touch to their plant- and art-scape projects. We will resource your unique ideas and custom projects and get them built, shipped and installed.

Get inspired about the life you bring to every room. See our Online Design Gallery for a plethora of options! Or, call Susie Ameche direct at (818) 597-7790 for assistance.

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