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Interiors by: Ron Dayan of Beverly Hills Interiors

And Can Make A Room.

I regularly review interior design magazines and books to inspire my work, as I’m certain many of you do. On your next review, you will find as I did, virtually every photographed room includes flowers. You will see also larger plantings and trees.

Custom Silk Orchid Arrangements

Flowers have a remarkable way of bringing life to a room. Interior designers have the responsibility of making the critical selections that will (in many cases) communicate the emotion of the room on behalf of their clients. Preston Bailey, an author of six books who is well known for developing flower arrangements to complement events says, “Color and shape are the most influential in determining the impact of flower design”. He communicates that scaling arrangements creates another type of rhythm to an event. He uses tall displays to grab attention and smaller pieces to unfold their charms.

Custom Contemporary Silk Floral Arrangements Custom Traditional Silk Floral ArrangementsCustom Silk Tropical Floral Arrangements

He considers flowers as linked to emotions and sensations. He believes that pinks, fuchsias and lavenders suggest feminine beauty while blues, greens and turquoises evoke harmony. Reds, oranges and bright yellow promise change and festivity, and cream and white convey a sense of elegance.

Back in the Victorian era, certain flowers had specific meanings because flower selection was limited and people used more symbols and gestures to communicate than they used words. Today, flowers communicate in so many different ways and people assign their own personal meanings. For those of you interested in the historic meaning of flowers, see a re-created list of what the Society of American Florists has compiled from a list of a variety of different sources at: HISTORICAL FLOWERS. We have also provided their list of flowers for each state as well the flower that represents each month at link.

Custom Artificial Succulent & Cactus Arrangements

When you work with Make Be-Leaves, each flower arrangement is custom-built specifically to your needs or if they aren’t specific yet, please look to the wide assortment in our Online Design Gallery to inspire you. We will find the containers that match your design parameters, build arrangements using requested flowers and colors and craft the finishing touch that can define the emotion that fills your next room. Feel free to submit images from anywhere to get the feeling you want or to ask for assistance.

Custom Silk Mediterranean Floral Arrangements

We have organized our flowers by category to facilitate your review, however we are willing to get as unique as you’d like to accommodate your vision. If there is a way it can be done, you can count on the team at Make Be-Leaves to find it.

Get inspired about the life you bring to every room. See our Online Design Gallery for a plethora of options! Or, call Susie Ameche direct at (818) 597-7790 for assistance.

Custom Wild Herb Silk Floral Arrangements

Discover the difference Make Be-leaves custom silk creations bring to your next interior design project.

Call Susie at Make Be-leaves to order your customized silk floral arrangements, and to turn your silk plantscape designs into beautiful lasting reality.

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