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We create life-like artificial Flowers, Plants & Trees and provide custom indoor/outdoor Plantscapes for any living space. Customer service is the cornerstone of our business, contact us for a Free Quote.

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UV plants and floral drought solutions

Drought Solutions

Commercially rated, maintenance free UV stabilized artificial plants, flowers and trees for indoor and outdoor living spaces.  » See more

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Interior Designers

Peruse our designer collection of bespoke faux flowers, plants & preserved tree products with turn-key installation. » See more

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Artificial landscapes, flowers, plants and trees.

Artificial Landscapes

Long-lasting UV stabilized outdoor artificial plants, a Landscape Architect’s resource for custom faux plantscapes, flowers, shrubs and trees. » See more

Popular Artificial Trees in Custom Containers

From Our Blog:

Large-Scale Custom Artificial Trees

Large-Scale Custom Artificial Trees

It continues to amaze me how our large-scale custom artificial trees completely transform a living space into lushspace – imbuing warmth, ambience and beauty with a single tree. Our large specimen trees are not only majestic, but incredibly lifelike – constructed by...

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Enhanced Landscaping custom UV artificial plantscaping

Enhanced Landscaping custom UV artificial plantscaping

Demand for custom UV artificial landscaping and creative plantscape installation has greatly increased. Make Be-Leaves continues to work creatively with landscape architects and landscapers nationwide installing a variety Ultra Violet (UV) protected outdoor artificial...

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Framed Green Wall Panels Highlight KONICA TECH Expo Booth

Framed Green Wall Panels Highlight KONICA TECH Expo Booth

ARTFULLY FRAMED ARTIFICIAL GREEN WALL PLANTINGS Innovative Display and Design worked in collaboration between Make Be-Leaves and their booth designers to produce custom framed green wall panels for Konica Expo in Carlsbad. Based on inspiration images provided by the...

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Mixed Artificial Succulent Wall Planting

Mixed Artificial Succulent Wall Planting

MIXED ARTIFICIAL SUCCULENT WALL FOR WOODLAND VILLAS, LANCASTER, PA Shawn Shea, project manager of Warfel Construction, sent Make Be-Leaves an inspiration rendering of a mixed succulent wall they needed to replicate in artificial for the café at Woodland Villas...

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Interior / Exterior Artificial Plant Creation

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Our products are custom crafted. If you see something that you like, just send us a message. We are To-the-Trade.

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Life-like Succulents Are Wildly Popular!

Susie Ameche, CEO of Make Be-LeavesThese fake plants are amazingly realistic-looking! Our custom artificial succulents arrangements and plantings continue to be one of our best-selling faux plantscaping items.

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